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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just when I thought it was time for bed...

You know those commercials where the kids overflow the bath tub and water spills out all over the bathroom and then the ceiling breaks and all the water floods the house... Well, minus the floor caving in and flooding the whole house, I now know it can really happen. I was just about to close and save my latest post and go to bed, when I hear John say, "What the..." really loud. I go down stairs to see that Jackson had left the sink water running after he had gotten a drink about 30 minutes before. At that time I told him to turn off the water and go to bed. Apparently he thought the water could turn itself off so he just closed the door instead. SO much for going to bed early- but Thank heavens for a wet vac!

Jackson turns 8!

To the average person in the world, turning 8 doesn't mean much, more than turning 7 or 9 but to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, turning 8 is a big step in life. With that, Jackson turned 8 Feb. 10th and was baptized a member of the church on March 1st. It was a good day for him. His Grandpa Rogers bore his testimony, his Aunt Heidi gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and he had plenty for priesthood authority surrounding him, by way of uncles and Great uncles, for his confirmation. Jacob even got in on the action and gave a very nice, and independent, closing prayer. My babies are growing up fast! Being that the next day was fast Sunday, we asked him if he would like to fast with us. He didn't quite understand what fasting meant though and thought he had to go all month without food. Needless to say, or Family Home Evening lesson the yesterday was on fasting. Thanks special to our family and friends who made it such a special day. We love you!