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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random pieces of us

A fun FHE activity

And now for the test...

Bath time at the Snell house has to be supervised now... The bubbles were much bigger, but mom turned off the machine before she went to get the camera

Jamison learns a new trick

Swimming in Blackfoot- just after this, Jackson tried climbing up the red slide, slipped and broke his front permanent tooth. Needless to say, I love our Dentist who graciously came in on his Saturday evening to fix it. I'm sure we'll pay for it, but what a guy!

Dad showing off his skills as a kayaker


Snow in April?

The Circus Came to Town

Jacob got to be a clown, fitting I know, for his class circus. He really hammed it up.

There's my hottie! :) He doesn't let me get pictures very often- he's afraid I'll put things on the blog... Where would he get that idea?

We are alive- I promise!!!

Ok, Ok, I can read your thoughts "She said she was going to be better at keeping the blog updated- so much for that!" The end of the school year tends to be my backed up, busy time at work so I am tired when I get home. That coupled with a sick baby and husband, and crazy 5 year old who climbs to the tops of back stops in rain boots and an 8 year old who only wants to play, and not do chores/homework... You get the idea. Things are finally settling down so I thought I would update while I had a free moment.

We are in count down mode to summer break, California and Salmon-(where the adventure really begins). Jackson is heavy into baseball right now. He loves it! The most exciting thing this year is not only seeing his improvement from last year, but that he's not the smallest one in the league this year :)

This is my "Major Leaguer"- He's actually pretty good at catcher.

He realized, almost too late that he wasn't going to make it, so we went back to 3rd- Smart thinking...

May 3rd was Jakes birthday, but we had a training for Salmon, so the boys got to play in the Blackfoot pool all morning. They had a blast!

I know what your thinking again... Mandie's child wears a life jacket? But yes, their California genes haven't kicked in yet. The Idaho gene seems to be the more dominant.

What's better than an unexpected flip? One done on your birthday!