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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

John speaks Iowanese!

We were taking a family trip into Idaho Falls last night when Jacob starts telling us about the Spanish he is learning in the After School Program. I was very impressed by what he could say, mostly colors, but had the tongue roll down pretty good. The John made a joke about people who speak only 1 language (hint, they're called Americans). Suddenly Jackson pipes up and says... "Dad, you speak 2 languages." This took us off guard, because technically, I know more Spanish than he does- if we're counting that as foriegn language experience in our home now. So he proceeds to tell us that John speaks Iowanese.

In case you don't know the joke around our house... John served a 2 year mission in Iowa- not a foreign one, or one he needed to learn another language for. But because he had so many stories to tell about the people there and their "culture" (that was foreign to him), we joke that he speaks Iowanese. I guess we never thought about the message that was giving the boys. SO... Then Jake catches on and says, "Dad, say something in Iowanese. Say dog." Hardly able to get it out without laughing, John says, "Them's mu kids." The boys, of course, think this is just the coolest thing ever, so they start asking him to say more in this new language. Instead of come in a sit for a while, he said, "Come in and take a set on the davenport." (or couch- in case you are lost like I was when we first got married). Then I said, "Say... go away, it's dark." and he responded with... "I can't say that one in front of the kids." (Another joke, because tracting in a place where it gets dark at 5:00 pm you don't always get a warm reception- which generally means you hear some pretty choice language yourself.)

Regardless, I laughed so hard, and knew right away this was going on the blog. If you want to hear some genuine Iowanese too, I'll have john "translate" and I'll post it to the blog for all to learn this new foreign language. :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!