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Friday, December 5, 2008

A few memories from when the weather was warm

Jake won a game against John and Jackson. He was excited, Jackson... not so much.

My kids don't use binkies when they are babies, but at about 3 they think they are fun to play with :)

Jamison learned he loved "Poppet doe" Translation- Chocolate Milk.

Uncle Brooks takes his BBQ very seriously! :)

Hearst Castle on my birthday while we were in California this summer. Thanks for joining us Neely!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We are still alive! Barely!

I suddenly realized just how long ago it was I updated the blog. Sorry to all you faithful blog followers. To be fair, in my very first post I put in a disclaimer that I wasn't sure how long I would keep this going. :)

It was a long, hot and technology deprived summer for us. We went to The Salmon River High Adventure Base to work again (Scout Camp). I know... I swore there was no way in HELL I would go back, but some offers just seem too tempting when your money deprived. I cooked again and John was the C.O.P.E Director (team building activities) and got to kayak every day too. I had a wonderful cook with me, which made our jobs way easier, but then the sickness settled in. It just wasn't enough for me to be hot, tired and dirty all the time, I had to add morning sickness into it(evening sickness in my case)

I found out I was expecting our 4th on July 5th, and the sickness stayed until into September. You know how when you get sick and your body associates the last thing you ate with that sickness, so every time you see or smell it you feel sick all over again? Well that is how I feel about Salmon right now. It took me years to even be able to look at BBQ sauce after Jackson, so it may be that long before I can even look back on this summer with fond memories. :) Oh... and did I mention that we are supposed to be having a GIRL!!! :)

The boys had the time of their lives though, just to spite me I think. Jamison was funny to watch adjust to his surroundings. There was a soft dirt patch in between the kitchen and the cabin we slept in. If I ever lost him, almost without fail, I could find him sitting in, rolling in or blowing the powder dirt all over himself. He was never clean! The other two made friends with the camp directors boys and played video games all day. Normally this would bother me, but it kept them safe and clean while I cooked during the day. Jackson did get to go real kayaking this year though. John took him down a flat stretch of water and while it scared to poop out of him once or twice, he loved it too. He even talks about holding his own kayaking class for the neighborhood kids this next summer. :) I guess that's what we get for getting him his own kayak.

Anyway... sorry for the big delay in contact. I hope to get some pictures and video of the summer on here soon.I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season and remembers to put Christ front and center in their lives.