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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Warning... Injury Photos to follow!

I have finally joined the ranks of injured tri-athletes. I am told all the great have a scar to tell about. Notice the nasty bruise on the other leg too. The funny thing, the spot where it's th worst, I seem to have pinched a nerve so by all the road rash near the bottom I have a numb spot about 2 inches in diameter. Cool hugh?! Jamison looks at it and says "No,No owie Mommy"

Ok, here's the story... It was my first time on a bike- outside- since my last Triathlon in August. I had just talked myself out of turning around after about mile 2- it was still really cold even though it was sunny. I had just warmed up so I continued on to Sugar City. As I was trying to round a corner to head home, a car was stopped at the intersection ready to turn so I couldn't cut the corner. I went around the car, but hit some loose dirt in the middle or the road and slid on my knee for about 6-8 feet to the side of the road. Luckily the woman at the intersection hopped out to help and an off duty EMT saw my bike on the road and stopped to help too. I am a firm believer in helmets anyway, but now I also see the wisdom in padded riding gloves- they are not just for wiping sweat or looking tough. My hand would have been just as eaten up as my knee. I was able to keep my chest and head from hitting and sliding along with the bike with my hand too. Thankfully, I only have some soreness in the pad of my left hand.

I asked John to see how far I had gone once I was home. He jokingly says, "It says 9.3 miles, but I'm betting more like 9.6 because of the skid." He also says he thinks we should invest in a pair of leather biking pants for my next ride ;)... Thanks for the support honey! Dr. Brady has looked it over and says other than a good scar and story, I should recover just fine.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pine Wood Derby Here I come!

I promised a video of the Pine Wood Derby and I can now deliver. We are the far car- who wins by the way. I did in fact say "we". Who do you think put the most time and energy into the car? Of course... Mom and Dad!

Spring is in the air

We haven't been able to have so many outings this winter, so when we get a chance to be outside, we take it- especially the boys, and especially Jamison.

Happy Easter !

This was the extent of our Easter weekend. We did have a fun egg hunt at Grandma Rogers. Who's idea was the sugar coated warm peeps though? Oh Yeah! Grandpa- because he knew the parents were taking the grandkids home afterward... sorry for my blabbering... You can mute me if you like.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Check out the video...

I got the you tube link of an artistic elephant from a friend in an e-mail and decided it was cool enough for my blog. What a trainer- do you think they work with potty training toddlers too... I added more posts though, so now the you tube link is closer to the bottom.