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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Toward the end of summer we had a fun get together at Aunt Heidi's house. It's a hill made for activities such as these. What a fun memory.

Prince Jackson saves the day!

Jackson's class just participated in the Utah Festival Opera. It's an opera created by the children- completely. Sets, music, lyrics, costumes... It was so amazing! Granted, it was done by second graders, but it was pretty creative. Take a look - when I get a file that fits... his royal picture is on the right for now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meaning of life

I had the pleasure of attending the Temple tonight with John. I was looking forward to that peaceful feeling that accompanies a trip like that. It was my first session in the Rexburg Temple. What a wonder it is to behold. Feeling so peaceful has made me reflect on a project I heard about this morning my favorite local radio station (Klassy 97, KLCE). Wayne (yes Wayne, I've listened so long I feel close enough to be on a first name basis.) was talking about a book he picked up where the author compiled hundreds and hundreds of 6 word life statements from various authors and other people. I was so impressed with how profound some of them were. 6 words doesn't seem like a lot, but it really can summarize a lifetime of experience. I'm going to try to create a link to KLCE so you can read some yourself. Wayne's even made Liza cry a bit (Yes, Liza and I are on a first name basis as well.) In the spirit of peace and contentment I feel tonight I thought I would give some a try myself. Here goes...

1. Laughed, Loved, Cried, Tried, Failed, Enduring
2. Do Good Things Is Our Motto
3. Searched My Soul And Found Him
4. A Quiet Song Calms My Fears
5. Put The Vase Down Now Son!
6. I Don't Like Living With Regrets
7. I Am A Child Of God
8. I Prefer To ... Run, Bike, Swim
9. Not As Bad As I Thought
10. I Love My Family And Friends

You know... it isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I am quite sure you can be much more poetic than I have been, I like how concise it is. If you post a comment to this, I would encourage you to give one a try yourself.