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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Soccer time!

Yes, I know, you are shocked I am updating again already. With a sleeping baby and a grounded 5 year old who 's sleeping, and a 7 year old quietly eating lunch, I have managed to find some time.

We got call last week at 4:00pm asking if Jacob wanted to join a soccer team- their game was at 5:00pm. Although he had a hard time focusing when he was sitting out, when he was in, he was awsome! Finally, one of my boys shows promise in one of my talent areas. He had fun though, and said he would stop walking off the field when he was frustrated or hurt. Were working on it.

Grandma Rogers came to the game and took some video and then burned it to A DISC SO jAKE COULD HAVE HIS OWN "VIDEO" (sorry-I hit the caps). He loved watching it. When John came home for the weekend he made him watch it over and over. One good thing that did come out of it was that Jackson, who had spent the whole week with John up at scout camp and was begging to go for another whole week, saw the video, he decided he could wait until Tuesday night to go back so he could play too.

We went to Idaho Falls Tuesday to get cleats and shin guards, this only added to their excitement. At game time, even the rain we got couldn't dampen their spirits. I was ref for the game, mostly so I couldn't scream at them and ruin their first game experience. Jackson turns out to be a natural soccer player as well. He can dribble down the line and saved the ball from going out more than once. Although we didn't officially keep score, Jackson said it was 8-2 (of which Jackson scored 7 and Jacob scored 1). Granted Jackson is playing on a 5-7 years old team, but he still did great. Afterward 1 woman asked me how many older brothers he has, because he did so well. Can you tell I am proud of them?

We were supposed to go bring Jackson back up to scout camp, but after the game he has decided that he wants to play again on Thursday- and then go back to camp.

The summer has gone by so fast already. I can't believe that it is almost August. I have so enjoyed our time together. Time to start looking for a new babysitter and making visits to prep visits to my classroom. That's life. I'll update you on the next game soon. Bye for now.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lazy Summer

I have been so blessed to have sleepers at my house! It seems we can't function before 8:30 in the morning during the summers. (I love it!) John has decided to work at Treasure Mountain Scout Camp for th month of July. It's about half as far as Salmon was, so we can see him a lot easier, making it not too bad for him to be gone. I, meanwhile, am mom, dad, warden, cook (kinda), housekeeper, driver, and answering service. I really miss him during the week!

He told the math department at his school that he would sell their old supply of graphing calculators for them this summer on e-bay. I know what your thinking... "but he's at scout camp?" Exactly! The job of saleswoman has now been added to my job description, and I am GOOD! :) We do miss him during the week though.

John's mom just got back from an educational trip to Japan, so tonight we are having a, fitting I know, "Japan party. She has made all the little girls in the family little kimono's and the boys kimono type shirts, both in Japanese prints. Jackson has been asking all week when the party is.

We also did our annual tradition of burning money, I mean lighting off fireworks, this 4th at Grandma's. The boys had so much fun. It was Jamison's first firework show where he payed much attention. He loved it! The other two enjoyed using their glow in the dark bracelets as light sabers. We had a good 4th. Hope you all did too. Bye for now.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Snell Family

I have finally joined the technology age. After so many friends e-mailing me, encouraging me to create one too, I finally looked into it. Until I get the hang of how to post things I don't know how often I will update. I think this can be fun though! For now, briefly meet the Snell Family.