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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have a confession to make for all to see... I am a habitual blog surfer.

I find it interesting to look at pictures of complete strangers and wonder what their lives are like. The thing I find funniest is that 99% of the time I can pick out an LDS blog even without reading about them 1st. Crazy! Here is the silliest part. Sometimes i will even leave a message on someone's blog- just to say I stopped in and liked what I saw on their blog. For a former"Bad Blogger" I think I've gone way overboard. I am very impressed how prominent pictures of temples are on their sites though...

Also, notice the automatic blogger sign up at the bottom of my page. This is cool. Put in your e-mail address and when I add a post, you'll be notified about it, so you don't have to catch up on several posts at once or to have to keep checking with nothing new added (another feature kifed from a fellow blogger's site.)

Easter was not a huge deal this year. We made sure to celebrate the resurection of the Savior and lessen the influence of the Easter Bunny.While more meaningful, it made for a rather dull blog entry. On Saturday John's mom had an egg hunt set up around her house (we still have several feet of snow on the ground outside...). That was fun. At each bowl of eggs they came to they had to answer a question about The Savior first. I it was funny, and rewarding, to see the older grandkids wait for the younger ones to answer first- to make sure they were right. The younger kids had no hesitation and knew most every answer lightning fast. I was proud of them. A funny moment came when one of the younger talking grandkids was asked something like, "What does Heavenly Father want us to have..." I believe the answer was a testimony, but she looked at what the prize was, pointed at it and said.."That right there". Too funny.

Our camera is doing funny things right now, so I can't get the pictures/video from Easter or Jackson's first Pine Wood Derby off the camera yet. I will post that as soon as I can. Take care and happy Spring!