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Saturday, December 13, 2008

I saved some of them!

I was awoken this fine snowy morning to 2 boys very worried that the power had just gone out. Not so much worry for the fact that the refrigerator and fireplace blowers didn't work, as much as the fact that they couldn't watch their cartoons or movies. SO I drag myself out of bed and decided that while they didn't have any distractions, it was a perfect opportunity to get the basement cleaned up. However, as I walk down the last few stairs I notice a smell coming from the bedroom with the fish tank. I turn the corner to see a murky mess, and no filter going (because of the power outage). I screamed, ready to beat the 3 year old, when Jackson says, "It wasn't me... it was JACOB!" I was 1st stunned, not because he is known for his good judgment, but he has known for quite a while that he is not supposed to touch the fish (as this has happened once before just after we got the poor creatures).

So I get to the interrogation and find out that he was worried that the fish wouldn't be fed, we have an electric feeder, because of the power outage. I was ready to apologize to him for losing it when he was really trying to help. Then I suddenly realized that the fish feeder is battery operated! I clearly see 1 fish dead and 1 fading quickly. In the course of the clean up I find 4 dead, while 3 fish and 1 recluse sucker fish made it through. What a morning. BUT... the power is back on so now I can clean all by my self while the kids are "distracted" once again. BOYS!!!